Contracts & Antitrust

IP rights and antitrust law both foster innovation and enhance consumer welfare, but take two different approaches. While IP grants rights to inventors and creators for their inventions, works and designs, antitrust law focuses on maintaining competitive markets where competition incentivizes innovation.

We support you in striking the right balance between these two approaches toward an optimized strategy for your business. We provide sound advice on agreements relating to franchises, cooperation, distribution and sales agents, always considering your individual business goals in the context of German and European antitrust law.

We advise in drawing up terms and conditions for all aspects of your business, declarations and notifications that are obligatory to meet competition law requirements, and regulations on consumer rights and data protection.

In addition to technology transfer and licensing agreements, our attorneys-at-law help you draw up and negotiate agreements to serve as a solid foundation to protect and commercialize your inventions and investments.

Focus areas

  • Strategy advice
  • Competition and antitrust law
  • Terms and conditions
  • Agreements in all fields