JUVE 2022/23 on Grünecker’s Patent Litigation practice: Team of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law is recommended

In its current ranking JUVE states that Grünecker “is positioned in the German market for patent disputes with a leading team of patent attorneys and a team of lawyers that is close behind the top of the market”. The editors note further that the firm “sets itself apart from competitors by appearing in proceedings with mixed teams”.

The litigation team recently celebrated a huge win, when Düsseldorf Regional Court classified a licence offer of an SEP holder as non-FRAND for the first time and dismissed the lawsuits of members of the Access Advance patent pool.

Regarding the European set-up, the editors conclude that Grünecker “has very strong foundations for a good presence in UPC cases with its mixed litigation team and established Munich and Paris offices”. In addition, litigator Ulrich Blumenröder has been “preparing intensively for the new court for some time now”.

Clients and competitors often recommend the attorneys-at-law Bernd Allekotte (“he is calm and seasoned and able to explain complicated concepts in simple terms”, client) and Ulrich Blumenröder as well as the patent attorneys Jens Hammer (“quick, reliable and competent”, competitor), Moritz Höffe, Reinhard Knauer, Thomas Schuster and Heike Vogelsang-Wenke.

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