Grünecker Patent Study 2022: Race to the New Super Battery

The solid-state battery is expected to bring the final breakthrough for the e-car. Batteries that, simply put, store electricity in solid materials will replace today's liquid-filled batteries.

Partner Jens Koch and patent attorney Sebastian Flach evaluated the latest state of research as part of the Grünecker Patent Study 2022.

The study shows that car manufacturers and battery producers, technology groups and startups are already investing billions in the new super battery, although it cannot yet be mass produced.

From the published patent applications, it is possible to see who is working successfully on the new super battery worldwide. "More than 2200 companies and researchers around the globe have filed patents on solid-state batteries" knows study leader Jens Koch. The pace of research is increasing: "More than half of the patents originate from the past three years," says Jens Koch.

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