As regards patent prosecution, Grünecker has improved again. Grünecker would take a leading role in a number of nullity and infringement cases with a broad technical spectrum. With the trials related to Connected Cars, the litigators of Grünecker had made the cut in a large litigation series, praises Juve.

The strength of the “market-leading patent teams” was its “extraordinary large prosecution department” with “broad technical know-how”, as Juve reports. Grünecker would handle a plurality of nullity and infringement cases “within a broad technical range”. The mixed approach of experienced patent attorneys and litigators that had been offered by Grünecker for a long time was proven to be successful and was now also followed by other firms. “The trend towards mixed teams cannot be stopped”, according to Juve. In addition, the Grünecker patent litigation team would handle the possibly most important litigation series of the year, emphasizes Juve.