Grünecker Patent Law in IAM (2017): “Excellence in every field”

Harnessing the experience of adept specialists in every major legal field and their versatile technical know-how, Grünecker is in a position to very competently take care of complex lawsuits of international clients, commends the US magazine IAM. In much-observed proceedings concerning mobile communications patents (for uploading photos), the magazine observes that competitors had already sought a settlement at an early stage at other law firms, whereas Grünecker’s clients conducted the law suits right up to the end, thus displaying their confidence in Grünecker’s excellence. Clients recommend, among others, Reinhard Knauer (Patent Attorney, “Very experienced and fantastic to work with. He always puts in a strong performance”), Dr. Bernd Allekotte (Attorney-at-Law, “He is the man to go to for advice on FRAND issues”), Dr. Peter Miltényi (Patent Attorney, “Physics and software are his notable forte”) and Dr. Heike Vogelsang-Wenke (Patent Attorney, “is a life sciences sage with a pristine track record in revocation proceedings”).