UPC ratification - the wait goes on, but for how long?

German legislation regarding UPC, which is required for UPC’s ratification, is on hold pending a decision from the German Federal Constitutional Court. We expected a decision on January 12, 2021, yet nothing  occurred. According to our sources, the Office of the Federal President has been informed by the Constitutional Court that a decision on the motion for a preliminary halt of the German legislation concerning UPC will be rendered by the end of March 2021. Needless to say, there is no certainty in this respect; yet, the expectation of being in another limbo for two years appears to have been premature.


Nonetheless, another waiting period of a few weeks must be endured before the ratification process can go full-steam ahead – or is put to rest until a decision on its merits occurs. This period, however, is bearable in comparison to the previously expected period of two years for the decision on the two constitutional complaints.