Mixed teams consisting of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law are Grünecker’s specialty. Grünecker serves as a role model for the entire industry.

The complexity of patent trials significantly increases according to Juve in its current (2019) Handbook: Detailed knowledge of all technical and legal issues of the relevant industries who are decisive for patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law necessary. In addition, firms needed to be in a position to offer large teams for each case that offer patent and legal know-how as a one-stop shop. The trend towards mixed teams could, therefore, not be stopped. This mixed approach had been proven to be successful by Grüecker, praises Juve.

Grünecker was one of the few firms that had been in a position to offer its clients mixed teams for a long time. Grünecker had “an exceptional large patent prosecution department”. “Only a few European competitors” were comparable as regards size and technical know-how, according to Juve.