Materials Science

Materials science encompasses traditional fields such as the formulation of compositions of elements to produce metallic materials and technologies for their production and treatment to modify properties. It also includes the corresponding approaches for various composites and matrix materials, powder metallurgical techniques and coatings of a substrate.

In such a complex field of technology a deep understanding of the characterization, development, production and processing of construction and functional materials is paramount, especially since structural and mechanical properties on the micro- and nanoscale can significantly impact the macroscopic behavior of components.

Our attorneys possess an in-depth understanding of materials science, forged by substantial scientific work. Depending on the nature of your invention, Grünecker is prepared to combine forces among various attorneys with qualifications in chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, biotechnology or software, as needed. However complex your invention is, we have the expertise to match it.

Focus areas

  • Metallic materials
  • Production technologies
  • Matrix materials
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Substrate lamination