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Everybody’s responsibility

As one of the first IP law firms in Germany (to our knowledge), we achieved certified climate neutrality in 2018 as part of the initiative “Grünecker Goes Green”. Together with TÜV Süd, a recognized certification authority, we determined our carbon footprint following the international climate neutrality standard PAS 2060 and developed a management plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2018, we have been climate-neutral by compensations and gradually reducing emissions . You can view the TÜV Süd certifications from 2018 – 2023 here.


Together with TÜV Süd, we have drawn up and now adhere to a catalogue of measures to reduce direct and indirect emissions.

Our core elements for sustainable activity are our switch to 100% green electricity, the implementation of optimized heating management in our offices, and the progressive reduction of paper consumption through digital alternatives.

We offer our employees the opportunity to work from home and a job ticket that allows use of public transport at a reduced rate. Whenever possible, we replace business trips with video conferences.


Our goal is to contribute at all levels. Especially close to our hearts are beehives maintained on the grounds of our Munich office. These are maintained by one of our partners who is a hobby beekeeper, and contribute to preserving bee colonies and, therefore, our ecosystems.

Grünecker Goes Green

We are committed to greenhouse gas neutrality. We want to do more than just offset emissions. Learn more about achieving greenhouse gas neutrality and the measures we have taken to this end in our statement.


Grünecker employs about 450 people from around 37 nations. Diversity and inclusion are an essential part of our corporate culture. We rely on flexible working models to promote our employees’ individual strengths and talents so that everyone has the same career opportunities. We respect and trust each other and have signed the Diversity Charter to commit to an officially appreciative working environment for all employees. This work culture is the basis of our success and is reflected in every aspect of our day-to-day work. But that’s not enough for us. We are also involved in, and sponsor, various associations and communities.

Among other things, we have been sponsoring GLINTA, an event for the LGBTQ+ IP community and supporters, which is part of the INTA Annual Meetings. For example, GLINTA supports The Trevor Project, a crisis and suicide prevention project for young members of the LGBTQ+ community.

As part of a collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), we have been able to support the organization financially.