Copyright law is integral to IP law and protects creative works, especially those in culture and art. Texts, music, images, films, photographs, artistic performances, software programs, to name but a few, are protected by copyright.

We support you at all stages of your creative work. Whether this means support with initial agreements, help in securing your investment, or legal proceedings arising from copyright infringements, we are with you each step of the way.

We have longstanding experience with enforcing “works of applied art” that can also protect product design. Protection has been granted for apparel, shoes, jewelry, cars and household goods.

Together with our specialized patent attorneys, we ensure maximum protection for your software. Their technical expertise helps us understand the source and object code and the preparatory material to be protected. We also assist with a comprehensive IP strategy and file patents for computer implemented inventions and designs for user interfaces to protect your software from all angles.

Neighboring fields, such as the right to one’s name or image, complete our service offering. Here, we work closely with our digitalization, data protection and trademark teams, which benefit from long-term experience with trademarks protecting celebrity names and identity features.

Focus areas

  • Strategy advice
  • Enforcement of claims and defense against unjustified claims
  • Copyright protection for product design
  • Licensing and usage agreements
  • Protection of personal rights