Know-How & Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are essential for every company, and include valuable commercial information, calculation bases or information about customers and customer needs. Trade secrets/know-how thus represent an increasing share of company value. In some areas, protection available through traditional intellectual property rights is limited or impossible.

At the same time, it has never been as easy to obtain unauthorized digitized data on a large scale, be it a “hacker attack” from the outside or theft using USB sticks, cloud services, or e-mails.

Our experts have decades of experience in protecting and enforcing trade secrets. We support you in creating protection strategies, internal guidelines or training. We also assist in creating and adapting contracts with employees and business partners to ensure compliance with the confidentiality measures required for maintaining trade secrets under current law.

In the event that trade secrets are lost, we provide comprehensive support in securing and analyzing evidence and enforcing your rights against the infringer. In doing so, we carefully consider whether it is advisable to involve the criminal prosecution authorities or to take direct action under civil law, for example, through interim legal protection.

Focus areas

  • Strategy advice
  • Lawsuits and preliminary injunctions
  • Preparation of guidelines
  • Non-disclosure agreements