Due Diligence & Recordals

The ultimate aim of any due diligence is to assess your freedom to market your goods or services. To this end, we routinely perform due diligence to identify and evaluate patents, trademarks or designs held by competitors, establish the existence of any legal disputes, and clarify any measures taken to protect know-how. The outcome may take the form of freedom-to-operate opinions, or invalidity proceedings against competitor rights to clear the path for market entry, or both. Our overall aim is to support you in assessing all aspects of your competitors’ IP rights. Conversely, you can rely on our support in determining the best strategy for defining and leveraging the value of your own IP portfolio.

Leveraging value from IP rights often depends on ensuring and establishing a proper chain of ownership. After a change in ownership, for example by way of corporate merger or takeover, or by way of acquisition of an IP portfolio, our recordals department attends to the transfer and proper registration of all IP rights to ensure an unbroken chain of protection. We take care of all formalities for you, such as certifications and legalizations, and work with an international network of service providers and partners. Your benefits: You minimize risk, save time, and reduce administrative costs when transferring your IP assets.

Focus areas

  • Transfer and transcription of all IP rights
  • Risk assessment
  • Evaluation of portfolios