Germany is the world’s third-largest car producer and home to some of the most famous car brands. This industry is currently undergoing a major transition. The shift to electric vehicles is causing changes in the traditional business model and value creation chain, leading to an increasing influence by tech companies.

Dominating the market and controlling the supplier industry, in the past, car manufacturers rarely found themselves involved in patent disputes before the courts. However, due to new technologies around autonomous driving, connectivity, and electro-mobility, OEMs now see themselves confronted with patent litigations more often, mostly initiated by tech companies.

We have been providing services to the automotive and automotive supply industry for many years, spanning technologies from more traditional areas such as motors, chassis, coachbuilding, gearboxes, bearings and interior components to the more recent disciplines of electro-mobility, connectivity and autonomous driving.

With a large team of attorneys and engineers covering various specializations, Grünecker is ready to assist you with a customized team designed to match your needs: Competent and efficient. We are also active in relevant neighboring areas of technology, such as information technology, physics and chemistry. Whichever road the car industry will take in the future – we offer high quality counseling for you.

Focus areas

  • Electro-mobility
  • Autonomous and connected driving
  • Chassis
  • Coachwork
  • Gears
  • Motors