Medical Technology

Medical Technology (MedTech) is crucial in improving healthcare and encompasses products for disease prevention, diagnosis, and therapy. These products come in various forms, such as medical instruments, surgical robotics, wearable sensors, imaging tools, AI diagnostics, mobile apps, implants, 3D printing, and others, and thus typically encompass more than one technology.

Such a vast product diversity calls for an interdisciplinary approach. Grünecker’s MedTech group offers you just that, in order to best protect and enforce your IP rights. Our sizeable MedTech group includes attorneys with wide-ranging technical backgrounds and expertise in physics, life sciences, and mechanical and electrical engineering. This experience allows us to tailor our knowledge and strategy to your demands for specific inventions, including computer-implemented medical methods.

Focus areas

  • Implants
  • Medical imaging
  • Surgery robotics
  • Wearable sensors
  • AI diagnostic tools