Mechanical Engineering

In mechanical engineering, Grünecker has one of Germany’s largest and most versatile teams. We have been working with patent departments, inventors at start-ups, global market leaders in medium-sized companies and multinational corporations for many years. Grünecker supports you with legal expertise, detailed experience, and relevant technical competence – from strategic advice to the management of complex portfolios.

Competitive advantages in mechanical engineering are primarily based on innovations in the product or its manufacturing. Hidden behind specific product features often lie more general innovations and concepts. Recognizing those and defining an appropriate scope is the basis for effective patent protection. When drafting a patent application, Grünecker seeks to objectify the inventor’s subjective view of their invention to facilitate an efficient patent granting procedure.

In mechanical engineering, innovation often occurs across disciplines: Be it through the beneficial integration of software and electrical engineering into machines and products or through the inventive use of materials. Chemical and process engineering aspects are often to be considered as well. We offer extraordinary expertise thanks to many years of experience and the versatile specializations of patent attorneys and engineers. And if necessary, we form interdisciplinary teams tailored to the task.

Due to our active role in infringement proceedings, we are always ready to prevent imitators from adopting your innovations, ensure your freedom to operate, and defend you against allegations of patent infringement.

Focus areas

  • Product development
  • Production technology
  • Special engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Robotics
  • Process technology
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace technology
  • Agricultural engines